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Timothy J. Volk: Lessons From An Expansive Life
Now Assists Diverse Families and Clients


Timothy J. Volk:

Lessons From An Expansive Life
Now Assists Diverse Families and Clients


Tim’s ability to work with clients from all places, religions, ethnicities, colors, family backgrounds, sexual orientations, and levels of material wealth stems from his own, wide-ranging experiences: Born where the Rocky Mountains rise from the Great Plains. Raised both on a ranch and in the heart of a major city. Formed early ties with friends from all colors and creeds. Educated on both coasts. Built and sustained his own businesses through industry booms and crashes. Extensive international travel. Mentored by leading experts in wealth management and thriving families. Now wants to share his knowledge about finance, diversity, and fully flourishing families with others.

Community & Volunteer Service


Nourishing Hope


My many years of community service made me realize that there is always a greater need than the resources that immediately seem available. The COVID pandemic created an even greater challenge with food insecurity. Please remember what nonprofits are trying to accomplish and that their resources and talents are always overstretched. We have started an annual fundraiser with our local food bank to help them expand their donor base while raising awareness of their remarkable services.


Shaking the Tree


This unique, interactive theater production group creates a learning environment for families of wealth, because both families and advisors more easily learn about family dynamics surrounding their lives and businesses when they watch and participate in have an interactive experience Tim proudly serves as an active board member and champion of this wonderful group.


United Way


I became active in the United Way campaigns early in my career, in my hometown Cheyenne, WY. I took pride in having been the youngest campaign chair and board member for United Way of Laramie County, WY. My family (particularly my grandmother Betty) helped to establish the county’s individual high- donor group – a great example of how families can gather resources for philanthropic efforts.


Children's Hospital of University of Illinois


As a past vice chair and board member, I greatly appreciate the importance of helping children who truly don't have a voice get in accessing world-class healthcare. At the University of Illinois (the nation’s largest medical school teaching and research university) 68% of all the pediatric patients come from impoverished or struggling families. I am proud to have been of service to such an amazing team of medical professionals.


Kennedy Center’s National
Symphony Orchestra


As a past trustee of the National Symphony Orchestra, I learned the importance of having a living presidential monument such as the Kennedy Center. The NSO serves a unique mission to promote symphonic orchestral music around the country, in our schools, and around the world. Additionally, the NSO funds a scholarship program for young musicians to intern with the NSO during the summer. As the trustee and a music lover, I felt great pleasure while joining the NSO to tour various cities across the country, attend the local Symphony orchestras, meet with other music aficionados, and promote the wonderful work of the NSO and the Kennedy Center.


Aspen Center for Integral Health


As a past board member and an enthusiast for living well, I was excited to participate in the cutting-edge work of the Aspen Center for Integral Health. Although ACH no longer exists, it accomplished impressive and forward-looking work. Many families who supported the center also shared a passion to help others learn to live healthier, more productive, and longer lives by integrating various components of health, food, exercise. and mental health.

Life-Long Learning

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DePaul University Executive
Program arrow

Earned my Certified Financial Planning credentials through the on-site executive program. The CFP is one of the leading designations for financial professionals.

Lesley University:
Cambridge, MA arrow

Earned a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA). The university provides MBA classes at several locations around the country, including Cheyenne, WY, where I worked at the time.

Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR arrow

I earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Finance with minor in Computer Science.

Collaboration for Families Flourishing
(Global Think Tank) arrow

Active member of the invitation-only, member-driven, global think tank organization dedicated to helping families flourish.

Ultra-High Net Worth Institute
Faculty Member arrow

The institute is a nonprofit think tank and learning exchange that elevates the wealth management industry to a new standard so that families and their advisors can foster prosperous and meaningful relationships from one generation to the next.


Interests & Hobbies

Music and Theater - Raised in a family of musicians and thespians, I continue my own deep personal interest and great appreciation of all the fine arts.

Sports - My father introduced golf to me at a very young age, telling me this would be one of the few sports to play for life. Having been raised primarily in Colorado, I predictably ski and snowboard – but I also love snorkeling and scuba diving.

Outdoors - Colorado and Wyoming began my interest in the outdoors. Traveling around the world only enhanced my love and appreciation of nature.

Cooking and entertaining Food is life. A chance to savor the world’s greatest flavors and spend quality time with family and friends.

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25 years ago, I discovered the gracious and elegant mode of traveling by ship: pack just once, then spend every following day somewhere exciting and most likely new. My favorite ship is the Queen Mary 2, as she is the only true ocean liner left in service.

South Pacific - I first traveled to the South Pacific as an undergraduate, during a yearlong exchange program in Sydney, AU. I’ve also enjoyed visiting New Zealand, Fiji, Tahiti, Rarotong, and Hawaii.

The United Kingdom, Europe, and the Mediterranean - London, Paris, Rome and Barcelona are remarkable world cities with such flare, sophistication, and always feel like home.

Alaska - Truly highlights the diverse and enormous scale of our country. Majestic mountains, miles-long glaciers, and some of the most spectacular wildlife on earth.

What's Next Africa, Antarctica, and South America.



My love of fitness has grown stronger the older I get. I have a passion for it and find great enjoyment in my training. My parents have demonstrated this for years proving - You are never too old to stay fit and live an active life.



Tim’s family, on both sides, contains pieces of the classic American success stories. On his mother’s side, Scottish, Irish, and English immigrants left the coal mines and industrial cities for the American West. Many ancestors served honorably in World War II, then after they returned home to Wyoming, established their own successful ranches and businesses. On his father’s side, his great-granddad and grandfather founded their own financial, insurance, and real estate companies that have thrived for generations. Another grandfather also entered the Wyoming ranching business, where Tim spent time in his youth. After his immediate family moved to Denver, CO, his mom established her own successful commercial and industrial real estate practice and Tim learned the way of a big city. Since then, he has studied and traveled throughout the United States and internationally, gaining additional insights into the importance of diversity, listening, and helping families to fully flourish.